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The story
I discovered during a trip to Puebla, in the very heart of Mexico, an astonishing thing in the middle of a hotel’s hall : a stone hearth in which was permanently burning a fire supplied with gas. Fantastic!
Back to France, I undertook to reproduce this object, adapting it to our own lifestyle. Thus I imagined a mobile structure on castors, covered with noble materials, balanced and aesthetic in order to dress my « garden space » in the best way.
Once the prototype finished and technical problems resolved (ventilation system for an optimal draught, creation of a gas supplying system…) the testing was imminent.
During an event-evening with friends, the lit hearth impressed, creating a warm and exceptional atmosphere. Thus many friends asked me how to get this same surprising modern-look object.
So the concept of an outdoor open fireplace was born, under the name of KUB®. After months of research, we can now propose you an outfitting object, perfect for unforgettable evenings, whether they are romantic or with friends, in the garden or at the poolside. Safely.

Best wishes
Alain Trublard
Kub® creator

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