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Kub® : Les combustibles
Bio ethanol
Simplicity to get all the advantages of a fire without the constraints. A 5 liter bio ethanol tank that allows you a 12 hours fuel endurance.
Its combustion is without smell, smoke, sparks nor ashes. You shall enjoy an evening with friends enlightened by a beautiful orangey-yellow flame.

Characteristics :
Burner last generation
5 Liters reservoir

Enjoy the pleasure of a real wood fire. You only need a few logs to create crackling flames which leave a delicate perfume for an unforgettable night.
Economic and natural, it wiill allow you to have dinner together around the KUB®. And with the obtained embers you will grill meat or fish thanks to the available accessories made for that purpose. Rediscover the pleasure of fire and BBQ !

Characteristics :
Stainless hearth
Accessories for BBQ
Hearth protection lid

Equipped with an electronic ignition burner. Enjoy a clean and eco-friendly fire. KUB® is equipped with a TWINY®* propane gas cylinder. Propane does not freeze, which means it can stay outside during the whole year.
No worry for your parties as it has a 14 hours endurance. A simple click lights on your evening with a magnificent 40 cm-high flame.

Characteristics :
Stainless hearth
Night light
Safety valve
Storage safechest

* TWINY is a registred label of Primagaz.

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